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Over Yonder is a sidestep from our workaday lives and a return to the great outdoors. We document our travels and tales here in the hope of inspiring others to get outside and explore this big, beautiful world, while also promoting a healthy, and sustainable, co-existence with nature.

The bicycle is still the perfect medium for exploration, as it has been for over a century. Not so slow you can't cover ground quickly, and not so fast as to miss all the little details along the way. You earn (and feel) every inch of the journey, as your legs ache climbing sharp pinches with a full rack of gear, as your teeth chatter over mile after mile of rocky outcrops, as you lose feeling through the icy snow, or as you smell your brakes burning descending down precarious mountain passes. A simple, utilitarian device that is equal parts best friend and worst enemy as you charge deeper into parts unknown.

In the late 1800s, Australian stockmen and vagabond shearers traversed this great continent on bikes, moving between sheep stations. At Over Yonder, we celebrate and honour their legacy, and all those adventurers who came before, by getting likeminded groups together and setting out to explore Australia and the globe. Looking for the road less travelled, looking for adventure - and hoping to inspire you to do the same.

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Over Yonder

Over Yonder is adventure by bicycle - and cyclocross racing on the side. Curated for travellers, explorers & outdoor aficionados. Brought to you by a thirst for the unknown.

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