Our specialty; men (and women) on bicycles vs. the great outdoors. Armed with a loose sense of direction, and a certain bloodymindedness to prevail against all conditions, we set out to explore parts unknown. It might even inspire you to go on your own adventure.

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The Budawangs Part 2 Our promised return to the Budawangs, on the South Coast of New South Wales. Older, wiser - and with better brakes. READ MORE
Fainter Freezer A toe-freezing, snow-encrusted, slack-packing alpine cycling adventure across the old stock routes of the Victorian high country. READ MORE
North Island NZ No route plan, no accommodation booked. A post-race, 6 day ramble around the North Island of New Zealand. The 'we'll just make it up as we go' bicycle adventure. READ MORE
Barrington Tops Exploring the snow-gum woodland, subalpine swamps, pristine rivers and endless gravel climbs of Barrington Tops National Park in New South Wales. READ MORE
Through The Daintree The Daintree rainforest is as 'Aussie' as an Australian bicycle adventure gets. Four days of steep dusty climbs, croc-infested rivers & frosty Milton mangoes in far north QLD. READ MORE
Yonder Ranges A three day border-hopping, gravel-grinding, thigh-chaffing bicycle adventure over Mount Warning, through a rainforest, two pubs and lunch in the capital of tie-dye. READ MORE
Gold Rush Photo journal & field report from the Over Yonder Gold Rush - a 3 day gravel grinding bicycle adventure through the central NSW Ophir Goldfields. READ MORE
The Mudawangs Crazy weapons, significant river crossings, multiple mechanical failures - but mainly mud. That's when the Budawangs became the Mudawangs. READ MORE

The concept:

A bunch of mates, and mates of mates, heading out to explore and document the Australian outback by bicycle. We occasionally cross an ocean or two as well. Why? Because it’s there.

The real deal:

From traversing croc-infested rivers to stealing water from farmer’s tanks when dehydration sets in, we ride (or, when that fails, hike-a-bike) every last kilometre to bring you an authentic experience, and then give you all the info to go ride it yourself.

For the everyman (and woman):

Each of our adventures are easily accessible, without specialised equipment or access (just a serviceable bike, a sense of adventure and a strong set of legs). Each adventure includes a Road Book, full of maps and travel tips to help you create your own experience.

Sustainable wanderlust:

We practice the highest standards of ‘adventure etiquette’; preserving the environments we journey through for the next explorers to enjoy, whilst acknowledging, and respecting, the traditional owners of the lands we visit.

Over Yonder

Over Yonder is adventure by bicycle - and cyclocross racing on the side. Curated for travellers, explorers & outdoor aficionados. Brought to you by a thirst for the unknown.

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