Gold Rush Day 1 Orange – Hill End

Orange seemed like a good place to start this adventure. A grand old Aussie town that is both sparse and beautiful. And, of course, the name. Regular readers of our adventures will know that almost everything we do is orange. Our kits, drink bottles, helmets, headphones (even, on special occasions, underwear).

For all the foods that are grown in Orange, NSW - the glorious apples, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots, plums and grapes, to name but a few - there is not a single orange (it is too cold, apparently). The town is, in fact, named for the Prince of Orange (or William II), who, we were pleased to learn in our Day 1 adventure briefing was, at least, Dutch.

We started our first day in an Orange carpark, eating a makeshift mid-morning breakfast out of the back of our Adventure-mobile; a handsome silver van whose modest exterior gives way to a fully customised interior. Fit for an adventuring king or queen (or both, as it turns out). Backs were a little stiff from the 3-hour drive, and so a lycra ballet of sorts - full of synchronised stretching with warm oats in hand - greeted slightly miffed passers-by.

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