Gold Rush Day 3 Sofala – Lithgow

There are adventures and there are adventures. And then there are adventures.

This third kind sits somewhere in between the two - and is best characterised as a hard man’s journey from A to B. It isn’t particularly revelatory - but it is tough. You suffer and you sweat and you beat yourself up - and you have very little to show for it save for a story or two, and perhaps a few pictures. And it is far from glamorous.

You know where this is going…

After riding so far on dirt, sand and mud, our CX bikes (with 40mm tyres) felt like crit bikes on the asphalt heading to Lithgow.

We took turns awkwardly getting changed in the McDonalds carpark, making every effort to keep each other covered. This was not for vanity, mind you, but on account of the two busloads of North Shore high school girls who had just arrived for a snack, and were busily gawking out the windows.

If the adventure doesn’t end eating something regrettable, then the adventure hasn’t ended. Safe to say, we and the adventure, were ended.

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