NCXS round 1


Race coverage. Photos by Esjay. Additional photos thanks to @FairFlyer & @SquidSteve.

Catwalk, not cakewalk

Yesterday was all about getting reacquainted with old friends at the Victorian Cyclocross Series, round 3. As it turns out, old friends come in different shapes and sizes. At this point we’d like to offer a shout-out to one in particular we failed to mention, our old friend the hurt box. We woke up this morning feeling like we’d been hit by a bus, who had then, in an act of unprovoked and spiteful vengeance, reversed back over us again for good measure. (An honourable mention also to our old friend dirt. He is a particularly clingy friend - who never seems to want to leave you alone - and wants to be involved in everything).

Today’s focus was Fashions on the CX Field, as teams rolled out their new-season looks for the NCXS AW17 runway launch. Critics noted strong performances by veterans Garry ‘Holeshot’ Milburn for SVxMAAP, and Chris ‘Hansel’ Aitken for Focus Attaquer, as well as some flashy new leotards for the Over Yonder Racing team.

Amongst the newcomers, Flanders-JBlood stood out with a bold new take on the classic ‘National Champs’ look, complete with team halftone gradient aesthetic. Bombtrack-Treadly rounding out the first-year fashion podium, looking sharp in fresh new threads.

All jokes aside, cyclocross has been slaughtering the road peloton for style since way back, a trend that looks set to continue into 2017. Stay sexy, stay weird guys.

As is tradition, the catwalk was followed by a little racing - putting the lycra through its paces. A barnstorming performance by Flanders-JBlood rider, Chris Jongewaard (Mr. JBlood himself), saw him take the early series lead, ahead of Garry Millburn and Tom Chapman. You can see the NCXS series leaderboard below - or get all the official placings/info here.

As always, we'd like to thank the National Cyclocross Series race organisers & volunteers for the spread. Next stop, QLD.

Mens Top 5

Rank Name Team Time
Chris JONGEWAARD Flanders JBlood 54:32
Garry MILLBURN SVxMAAP +0:00:15
Tom CHAPMAN Focus Attaquer +0:00:19
4 Christopher AITKEN Focus Attaquer +0:00:49
5 Adrian JACKSON Orbea +0:01:00


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